Getting a tattoo on arms, wrists, & legs is nothing new but did you ever think of getting your eyeballs tattooed? Sounds bizarre, right?! Well, Karan, a Delhi based professional tattoo artist, didn’t find the idea of tattooed eyeballs as bizarre as you do. Yes, Karan became the first Indian ever to get his eyeballs tattooed. He got his eyeballs tattooed following the procedure of ‘sclera staining’. Under this method, ink is permanently injected into the whites of the eyes.

Apart from this radical eyeball tattooing, Karan already has multiple piercings, ear modifications, and en number of body tattoos. In fact, he is getting a full-body suit tattoo which will be completed pretty soon. In an interview, he has said that he has always been obsessed with tattooing and find it fascinating. He got his first tattoo at the age of 13 and he grew up to become a tattoo artist. Karan had planned this eyeball tattooing for a year and finally, had it done by an expert Australian tattoo artist.

Let’s have a look at 10 jaw-dropping pictures of Karan with his eyeballs tattooed.

1Black is the new white


3Swagger eyes

4Doesn’t he look amazing?!

5Redefining the gentleman look 

6Have a peek at his piercings

7Because arms/legs tattoos are too mainstream

8Wet & wild

9It’s dark inside me

10Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!

All the above images have been taken from here.