Hey ya! Fitness freaks, a beauty has got a juicy treat for you and I can bet you just can’t wait to devour it all (oh, now I’m only talking about the red, ripe, and mouth-watering water melons here. What were you thinking about? Ha!)
Here’s how you’re going down –
Those heels know how to foreplay your fruit and do not underestimate the magic of black when it comes to tweaking your appetite. She is going to sensual talk your appetite up the very notch. With the hands held up and the legs spread right and the first melon is in her grip, when the Greek goddess is ready to make the move – beware! Then awaits the twist, where she turns (your world up and down apparently!) and the force she pushes with is going to get to you, just you wait!

Ready for the juicy treat? Break loose because you have got to sweat now!

1It’s the prep time – make the most of it!

Perfectly sculpted, warmed, and powerful she is ready to go.

2Get those plugs out – she’s playing the teasing music all right

But not so soon…!

3And….yes, the dance begins (get ready to have your socks knocked off!)

(Do you feel the hunger piercing you yet, if not, you will soon!)

4The fruit squirted and your minds blew

(ooh..) did it just steal your breath away?

5Ah, are you hungry much? (Very much!)

Don’t you want to have a taste? I mean, just look at it once –delicious!

6And, there you go again…smack…smack…and there you have it (don’t mind getting a little wet though)

But you couldn’t get enough, could you? Eat on!

7With the cherry on the top – that’s your heart getting smashed

Really, you just couldn’t get enough of it

(and trust me, I do not blame you!)

Watch out for the video here: