It has been the most famous and the most amazing television series. Amazingly, it has recently completed its 5th season. But its 5th season was also as famous and as popular as the 1st season was. It is so popular series that not only elders, but even young kids are mad about it. Everyone just eagerly waits for their new season. The best part about this series is not only its story line, but also some of the amazing scenes. The story line is just great and there are so many best moments in the series. So let us have a look at the 8 best moments of the Game of Thrones season 5.

1King of North

The best moment in this category is the scene of ‘King of North’; he is the one who does not want anyone else to rule on him. And for this purpose, he is ready to do anything. He would not think that is it right or is it wrong. And then he would achieve whatever he wants. This is the best thing about this scene. It comes as the top scenes in the whole series. You are surely going to love this scene.


2Sons of Harpy

The character’s name is Sons of Harpy. He has been the biggest problem for the heroes of the series. So, he is the villain of the series. But a great villain. His movements and costuming were just perfect. He has all the evil powers and he uses them to its maximum, to achieve his goal and towards the end, he meets the sad end. But his character has been crafted marvelously. There is no flaw in his character. You cannot really imagine this series without him, being a villain. His character is so powerful.


3I can do anything for love

The next best moment is ‘I can do anything for love’, this is the moment when the character in the series, does everything to protect his lover. He saves her from the enemies and also from the winter season going out there. He is ready to protect her till the end. He loves her truly. Their true love gets it happy end. The lovers are reunited. It comes as the most emotional scene in the series. It is also the cutest and the funniest scene in the series.


4Queen of thrones

The next best moment is another and the most powerful character in the series that is The Queen of Thrones. She was last seen in the third series but she again returns in the latest series. She is the strongest female character. She is the one who wants the heroes to win anyhow. She is a good lady, she works on principles, but yet she still so intelligent that she can manipulate anyone. This is her best quality. But the sad part is that she is seen only in the middle or towards the end of the series. You cannot really enjoy her character during the whole series.


5Villain’s army waiting on the door of heroes

The next best moment is when the villain’s army is waiting on the door of heroes. It is not as if the army is not prepared, the army is prepared, but the captain gives an inspiring speech and they all get inspired to kill their enemy. It comes as one of the most fascinating scene. Even you will get the feel, as in you are also being the part of the army. It is also the most enjoyable scene in the series; it is sure going to motivate you also.


6Tyrion and dragon

The one of the remarkable moment of the series was when Tyrion came face to face with dragon. The Two powerful characters being on the same screen against each other is one of the best moments of the story.


7Hard home

A Fan of game of thrones season 5 can never forget this scene. Although, this scene was tough to shoot but they did a marvelous job. The white walkers and Night’s King was really horrifying.


8Hero’s last moments.

The next best moment is when in the end, the hero of the series is dying and his lover is besides her and they are now thinking of the best moments that they have spent together. Both of them want the happy ending, but the happy ending was not in their fate. It is also an emotional scene, but it is such a powerful scene, that you just cannot get over it. It is one of the best scenes in the series.


Now let us move towards the conclusion.

After experiencing the series on the television, you must have not left with any other option, then not watching this series. You should definitely watch the series and then you will also feel the great story line, some powerful and amazing scenes. If you watch this series once, it’s for sure, that you would love the series and you would eagerly wait for the next one. You should at least give it a try. You are definitely not going to regret it for sure.