Undoubtedly, Taimur Ali Khan is the cutest baby of B-Town. In a recent Vogue interview Kareena spilled the beans on how much she loves pulling Taimur’s cheeks all day long. And why not? Taimur is such a cutie carrying the genes of two of the most gorgeous people of B-town. Whenever either Kareena or Saif come out with Taimur, all eyes are on him. Fans are pretty obsessed over Taimur’s cuteness and how adorable he is!

So, I decided to collect all of Taimur’s adorable pictures in one place. One look at these pictures will make your day and you’ll catch yourself smiling ear to ear.

Have a look at these 30 adorable pictures of Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi which will make your day!

1Happy times with daddy Saif

2Being all cheerful

3Such a cutie pie

4Such innocence!

5Two heart-throbs in one frame

6Baby Santa

7Mumma’s boy

8Birthday Swag

9He is so cute

10Those dreamy eyes

11Peacefully sleeping in Daddy’s arms

12Play time

13Cuddling with Aunt Karisma

14One with nanny

15Mumma-son both be so gorgeous

16Relaxing in nanny’s lap

17Happy child

18Daddy being the guiding light

19Having fun time with friends

20Say Hi to the media

21Look at this bundle of joy

22I am so cute, ain’t I?

23Baby gentleman

24He is already a pro at posing

25A happy family pic

26Cuteness overloaded

27His hair and eyes be like a Greek god

28Mommy loves me so much

29B-Town’s lovely duo

30Aww, poor baby! He still be so cute

All the above pictures have been taken from here.