20 Best Netflix Series in 2017 to Binge Watch

2017 did not only bring a new year with brimming hopes but a huge surprise from the Netflix. This year will prove itself to be the best year for all the Netflix addicts. Yes, you read it right! Netflix will be giving its viewers a new year present in the form of 20 most exciting series to binge watch. The list includes some of the favorites coming back with their new seasons and others are the new Netflix originals all set to send a chill down your spine.

Drama, comedy, action, and adventure are just some of the few terms to define Netflix’s upcoming 2017 series. But, loads of thrill is absolutely guaranteed. In short, we can say that Netflix has it all to make you stay glued to your couch and binge watch these enticing series.

A huge shout out to all the Netflix Binge Watchers to embrace themselves to get addicted to these 20 Best Series!

1Orange is the new Black – Season 5, Starring – Andrew McCarthy & Uta Briesewitz

2Sense8 – Season 2, Starring – Jamie Clayton, Tina Desai & others

3Ozark, Starring – Jason Bateman & Laura Linney

4Mindhunter, Starring – Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany

5House of Cards – Season 5, Starring – Kevin Spacey

6Dear White People, Starring – Brandon P. Bell & Others

7El Chapo, Cast Undecided

8Wet Hot American Summer – Ten Years Later, Starring – Bradley Cooper & others

9The Defenders. Starring – Krysten Ritter, Elodie Yung & others

10Bill Nye Saves The World, Starring – William Sanford Nye

11Stranger Things – Season 2, Starring – Millie Bobby Brown & others

12Anne, Starring – Amybeth McNutty

13Big Mouth, Starring – Nick Kroll & John Mulaney

14Gypsy, Starring – Naomi Watts

15A Series of Unfortunate Events, Starring – Neil Patrick Harris

16Frontier, Starring – Jason Momoa

17Santa Clarita Diet, Starring – Drew Barrymore

18Iron Fist, Starring – Finn Jones

19Thirteen Reasons Why, Starring – Dylan Minnette

20One Day at a Time, Starring – Rita Moreno and Justina Machado