Netflix has been the greatest game changer in the world of entertainment. It is like the hub of all of the world’s most exhilarating TV series and movies. With Netflix’s arrival in our lives, our TV and movie watching experience has been streamlined. Apart from being a revolutionary broadcasting force, Netflix gives its users an opportunity to binge watch even the decade old shows like Friends, How I met your mother, etc. The internet sensation, Netflix, is so addictive that I don’t think anybody functions without it. Nothing is more satisfying than watching your favorite TV shows in HD quality and that too without irritating ad breaks.

It is no secret that Netflix has a viewer base of over millions of people. The reason behind that is not only a sorted way of broadcasting but the gripping content of the TV series it shows. From romance to technology, Netflix airs TV shows in every genre. They even have in-house TV shows which have and currently are performing awesomely well.

Here, I am enlisting 15 most popular TV series airing on Netflix right now which everyone must watch!


213 Reasons Why

3House of Cards


5Breaking Bad

6Stranger Things 

7Orange is the New Black

8Black Mirror


10The Crown

11The Walking Dead

12Sons of Anarchy




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