When the selfie craze took over people like a storm, there came the need of selfie sticks for taking selfies like a pro. Well, are you a fan of selfie sticks too? Do you own one? If yes, you will absolutely relate to these pictures.

So, have you ever imagined your favourite action heroes holding a selfie stick during a crucial scene in the film? How will they look? Okay, you don’t have to stress over your imaginative power. Let me show you some rib-tickling pictures of famous Hollywood movie scenes with guns replaced with selfie sticks. There happens to be a blog on Tumblr with this name that posts photoshopped pictures of famous scenes from movies. Where the actual scene showed the character aiming a gun at his target, these pictures have the guns replaced with selfie sticks.

Now, you will always have these scenes flashing in front of your eyes the next time you hold a selfie stick and say cheese. Enjoy your dose of fun and have a great time seeing these fun-filled pictures.

Funny AF, these pictures can truly give you a LOL attack!

1Inglourious Basterds


3The American

4Saving Private Ryan

5Black Hawk Down

6Full Metal Jacket

7The Hateful Eight

8True Grit

9Indiana Jones

10The Deer Hunter

11The Good The Bad And The Ugly

12The Night of the Hunter

1330 fusils pour un tueur

14Le Vieux Fusil

15The Searchers