Taylor Swift’s Big Weekend performance is being called as her sassiest performance. Taylor Swift’s had set the stage of Radio 1’s night on May 24 on sizzle. The packed out crowd at the annual festival was bound to lose their heart to the fabulous performances as Taylor Swift bewitched them all.

From world tour to recordings, Taylor Swift is living her life to the fullest. The Shake It Off singer’s fan club and glory are growing in leaps and bounds. We have collected 20 interesting and rare facts about Taylor Swift that her fans would love to know.

1The Youngest Sole Singer And Writer!

Taylor is the youngest sole writer and singer of the no.1 country song via her single performance known as “Our Song”.

2“Fearless” Certified ‘Platinum’ Six Times!


Her album “Fearless” is the most awarded album in the history of country music. The album is certified Six X Platinum despite the fact that she was not considered as an authentic country singer by her early critics. Well, Taylor Swift has proved her mettle for sure.

3An Award-Winning Poetry Writer And A Novelist!

When Taylor Swift was in 4th grade, she submitted a poem “Monster In My Closet” for the national poetry contest and it was chosen as the best poetry. At the age of 12, she wrote a novel that comprises of 340 pages is yet unpublished.

4Cartoons And Taylor Swift

She is madly in love with the Disney movies. She is obsessed with everything related to Disney. Taylor did voice over for the animated movie, “The Lorax” in 2012 where she played the character of ‘Audrey’.

5An Early Bloomer

Taylor Swift had sung a rendition by LeAnn Rimes, “Big Deal” when at a contest. She won that local talent competition when she was merely 11 years old. She is for sure an early bloomer!

6Fears Come True

Taylor Swift is scared of beetles, spiders, and snakes. Her first ever job was to knock off the praying mantis pods during Christmas at her family farm.

7The Legacy Continues…

Taylor_Swift_GrandmotherMarjorie Finlay, mother of Talylor Swift’s mother, Andrea Swift, happened to be a well-renowned opera singer. Taylor Swift has a striking resemblance to her opera singer, granny Marjorie Finlay as you can see in the picture above.


8Taylor Swift And Her Pet Preferences

Her favorite color is ‘tiffany blue’ and her eyes are blue as well. She was born on December 13 at 5:17 am (5+1+7 total is 1 again). Obviously, her lucky number is 13 as well.

9Tattoo Terror

Taylor Swift Speak Now – Pittsburgh

Taylor Swift shows off her lucky number “13” and a few temporary tattoos at most of her concerts. She never wants to get a permanent tattoo done and is terrified of such permanent commitments.

10Taylor Swift Her Recognitions

Taylor Swift has won American Music Awards for 11 times; bagged Grammy awards for seven times and Association has, American has six awards from Country Music won Music Awards for 11 times; bagged Grammy awards for seven times and has six awards from Country Music Association

11MTV And Taylor’s Country Music

MTV Video Music awarded Taylor Swift as a country singer for “You Belong with Me” in 2009. She was the very first “country singer” to be recognized by MTV in the category of ‘the Best Female Video’.

12Extremely Fond of…

She is very fond of traditions, traditional values, Christmas, Winter season and Cheesecake!

13Alternate Career

If she would not be a singer, she feels she would choose to be a detective, interior designer, psychologist or neurologist. Again, in her own words, she hates the medical schools.

14Books She Loves

Her favorite books are from the mystery genre. Two of her all time favorites include Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” as well as “Murder on the Orient Express”.

15Daddy Dearest

Her father is her best friend, philosopher and guide. They both share a similar kind of intellect and are fond of the same things. Her father was one of her initial promoters. He still holds three percent of shares in her recording labels.


The interesting Rockstar always wanted to be a singer and is successfully living her dream at the moment. She is a true inspiration to the rest of the world as she is partially blind cannot see properly without her lenses.


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