Star kids have always found themselves amidst a lot of spotlight. When we are talking of the Badshah of Bollywood, things definitely take a turn for the good and the media tends to go berserk. Not far behind is the Shenshah of Bollywood and his granddaughter who has been stealing some real eye candies since a long time now.

Recently, both Aryan khan and Navya Naveli Nanda graduated and their crazy love for social media meant that we had a lot to see and explore. Their active socializing on Instagram gave us a lot to cheer about.

If you too are wondering how hot Navya Naveli Nanda looked and how mommy Shweta Bachchan Nanda was right beside her gorgeous princess, we have pictures to capture the glory.

Of course, for all you die hard Srk fans, we would love to add that SRK, being SRK was definitely right there for his son’s big day. However, sadly we do not have any shots right here of the doting dad with his chocolate boy son. Nonetheless, steal the perfect beauties as these star kids step up the heat even more, this maddening summer with their sexy pictures of their school.

Definitely, these kids make us wish we had such hotties in our class too. Surely, my grades would have been a whole lot better, then! Damn!

1Did it get hot down here or is it just me?

2The gang of girls

3Let the hair down!

4Who is the QUEEN, babe?

5Mom darling, Princess perfect!

6Shh, just some fun!

7Life- thumbs-up!

8Chilling with sass

9What? Did you say something?

10We RULE, We DO!

11The SRK- Kajol of tomorrow?

12All good things happen in a pack of three