You must have seen several movies all throughout your life but once in a blue moon, you come across a film that leaves an impact on your life.

There are these unforgettable movies that deserve a special mention in the list of your favorite movies. These films have a deep essence and they are an absolute watch. Listed below are 10 such unforgettable movies that you must watch.

Yes, most of them have a complex plot line and you may find difficulty in understanding them but you have got to see them.

So, make a note and start watching them now.

1Fight Club

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The drastic change in the life of an ordinary man after he meets a soap salesman will keep you glued to your seats.

2The Truman Show

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Truman has his own world and people watch him on TV. There’s more in his world that this world has got to see.

3Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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A couple decides to get their memories erased after calling it quits. During the procedure, they realize what actually went wrong in their love life.

4Shutter Island

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Two US Marshals are hell bent to solve a murder mystery but bizarre happenings are disrupting their investigation. Watch the mystery unfold.

5Mr. Nobody

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A child’s life is torn between the disturbed relationship of his father and mother. Well, he is asked to choose between them and you have got to see what happens next.

6The Thirteenth Floor

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A software designer makes use of his creation to visit a virtual world. He does all this to fulfill his sexual pleasures.

7Rosemary’s Baby

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Residing amidst strange occurrences and eerie neighbors, Rosemary’s life turns upside down after she becomes pregnant.

8The Jacket

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Know how a veteran deals with a false accusation of a murder he hasn’t actually done. Watch out for his sufferings in a mental institution.

9The Matrix

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Calling life a dream where an individual symbolizes energy, The Matrix will leave you puzzled about your existence.


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Leonard has a motto in life; he is all fired up to seek revenge on his wife’s murderer. He is suffering from short-term memory loss. Watch his quest.