When the Valentine’s day arrives, there are so many things came in your mind but sometimes you are totally confused what exactly to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Because that’s the day you want to do something special for your love, many of new generation people spending time together in a good place on 14th Feb and few guys are give a marriage proposal on bended knee. So if you really wanna do something crazy here is 10 Spectacular things you could do on your valentine’s day.

1Buy A Sports Game Ticket

First things you could do in the list is to go for a sports match and for that you don’t have to be a sports fan, because you need to spend time with that person whom you love so much. You just need to sit through the game and just have a good time with your love.


2Go To Ice-Skating

The second thing you can do is to go into the place where snow falling around and there you can propose your love for beginning of your new phase of life with her/his hands in your hand for a life time. Just bend on your one knee and hold a tiny box with a diamond engagement ring inside and ask: “Will you marry me?”, that moment your love will definitely remember for whole life.


3Go To Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping is another Spectacular Things which you can do on this Valentine’s Day with your love, but is should be done with some precautions like: when you go into the water wear your swimsuit, and when you’re neck deep in to the water then stealthily take it off your swimsuit and tie it around your wrist, and when you’re done with your swim suit back like nothing happened.


4Do Some Adventure

This dream of Adventure shows that you are being refractory in your daily routine and you are incapable to come out from that stress and struggle. This plan of having an Adventure trip with your loved one surely gives you an awesome feling. this plan will give you all the solutions for past events of life, now sit back and relax. It is time to move on and get ready for a new adventure with your love!


5Cook Something Great

Another best way to celebrate this valentine is to cook something special for your love, cook that thing in which you’re best. Many people think that they should go for the nutrition besides of delicious spicy food, but i thing i should suggest you that you must go for the spicy food at this particular day.


6Gift A Smartwatch

Another best things you can do besides of listed above things is to gift a smartwatch to your loved one, which is seriously an amazing gift for the person whom you love so much. Like as many Apple products, the smart watch is a social status symbol of a sign of refined odor. But unlike a MacBook or an iPhone, this Apple product much helpful to help you look good and feel good.


7Go For A Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light dinner is always been special for the love birds, so this valentine day you can have an candle light dinner on any exotic location. Candle Light dinner in any Resorts offer an row of romantic experiences to share with someone whom you love. Experience a romantic dinner or candle light sunset dining at the beach will be the perfect thing.

8Give Bunch of Roses

Valentine’s Day is the crazy time of year for red roses because Roses share a colorful romantic history with love couples. Roses have always been symbol of love and care for the valentine. So this valentine day buy a bunch of Red Roses and present it to your love and just see the reaction.

9Gift A Cologne

If your loved one is a Perfume addicted and having lots of Cologne collection in her dressing wardrobe shelves, then you must go for this idea. Some popular brands launched their new fragrances for Women’s this year spring. So if you’re finding difficulty in finding some good fragrances then let me list give you link for best brands for you to help you out. These are the Top Choices in the segment around the world. Click Source

10Go Get Inked

Tattoos is been always hot topics in love birds for letting the partner know about their love and affection. so lastly want to mention the another thing that you could do on this Valentine’s Day and if you found it difficult to get idea about the tattoo design then you should read this blog also for having an idea about tattoo design. Source