EDC Las Vegas 2015

Do you love music, art, carnival rides and more? Do you have a wild side waiting to unleash its true glory? Here you have the best chance to enjoy to your heart’s content. At the EDC Las Vegas 2015, you will be all set to enjoy music like never before.

This is going to be one of its own kinds of events as there is too much fun and high voltage excitement raring to happen! Are you all set to rock the stage then? Let us see 10 best things that will happen in EDC Las Vegas 2015.

1Exciting brand new stage designs

This year, we will find new designs as far as stages are concerned. All eight stages will see major changes and the design is sure to blow your mind!

2The new meet up space

The EDC is a carnival which is apt to meet new people and hang out with your buddies. The carnival square is going to be the best spot with easily accessible points and close by food joints as well.

3Your own cabana

Insomniac is giving you a once n a lifetime chance to customize and design your own cabana space. So, what are you waiting for? Get creative and get going.

4The open air nightclub

The Marquee sky deck is the one of its kind, open air nightclub which comes with some really ravishing high-end decor as well. Be blown by the beauty of the night.

5The foodie’s delight

This year at the EDC, food is going to take an altogether new flavour. Get your food buds the ultimate extravaganza as you can pick the finest foods from pizza, burgers to even organic and healthy foods as well. The list doesn’t just ends!

6The VIP viewing deck

This year, a new VIP viewing arena has been added to the cosmicMEADOW stage from where you can steal some of the best scenes and you can really take in the sight and sound of the whole event as well.For the love of art

7For the love of art

Palace Blue is one of the most amazing art structures which you can look at. This magnificent and grandiose art structure will be made by Gerard Minakawa. This is going to be a whopping and grand structure and something worth looking at.

8For the fashion freaks

Insomniac is going to introduce new merchandise designs which will be available exclusively at the event. So, if you want to show off some love for the EDC event, make sure to grab some of these amazing fashion clothing.

9Chill at the Chill spots

There are a lot more chill spots going to be added. There are LED trees and benches beneath it which will allow you to cherish the ambience which this whole event is going to create.

10The dining deck is all revamped

One of the most upscale restaurants at EDC which was formerly called the dining deck will now be revamped with a lot better food menu and the meals have got tastier as well.

So, are you heading to EDC Las Vegas to have a cracker of a time? We can’t wait!  Watch this cracker of a video to get lost in the feel.

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