Plants bring positive energy and our work place always remains in a great need of some positivity. Not only the presence of live plants reduces the levels of strain, it also makes us feel alive. The absorbing feature of live plants works wonder for the noisy environment of an office.

“The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger”

The perks of adding some green in the office are following:

  • Benefits to employee health are immeasurable and also diminishes the quantity of airborne bacteria’s. It may also benefit us in the form of less sick leaves taken by employees.
  • With more leaves and soil indoors, we enjoy a strong immune system. Thus, increase in productivity levels. They absorb the free floating bacteria’s to a great extent.
  • They act as natural air cooler. Cut down the indoor pollution by adding more of them.Office-interior-vertical-garden

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Choose some small potted plants for your indoors as they benefit greatly and some of them requires really less maintenance.

1Peace lilies

Peace lilies are one good option and personally come in my love list also. The elegant white beauty is an easy goer and its fine if you water it once in a week. Beautiful white flowers look adorable and it covers the least possible space if your office desk don it.

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2The Bamboo plant

The Bamboo plant is one great option for indoors, but requires little heavy investment. You will need to place them in indirect sunlight, away from heating sources. Regular trimming is required, also they are least used to tap water as the chlorine may affect them. But they are considered as one of the most lucky among indoor decorative options.

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3The snake plant

The snake plant is a fairly tall eye catching plant. Give a natural partition to your work space by putting a bunch of these.

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4Areca palms

One Can Choose Areca palms in order bring some healthy humidifier in your office area.

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5African Violets

African Violets do best as indoor plants. They have their varieties in colors. A dark environment for at least 8 hours is required for them in order to produce flowers.

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6English Ivy

English Ivy can be a look changer for your in office planting. They are happy climbers and may merge with your cube.

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7Jade Plant

Putting a Jade Plant there may indicate your stability for your work. This hardy and long lived plant may even outlive you. Give an identification to the natural corner of your office by putting this kind of permanent in nature flora.

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8Money Plant

Money Plant, the lucky plant for your desk and indoor air friendly option. Add some natural green in the interiors for keeping it natural and healthy. After all, healthy mind grows healthy ideas!

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It is always advised to take your time while choosing the correct greenery option for your office or workplace. The choices should match with the work culture, environment and appearance of the office. Keeping it green and natural is among is the most running trends in office designs.

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