When you’re out on a bright and sunny day, your eyes would definitely see how beautiful the scenery is. You take just a few more steps and there you are on the perfect spot. The next thing you do is take the phone out from your pocket, open the camera, switch to the front camera, just a bit of angle and then, take a selfie! Picture perfect!

Self-portrait photos or selfies are seemingly mandatory when you are with your friends, family, pets or with anyone you love to hang out with! More particularly when you travel and spot the most beautiful landscapes, your trip won’t ever be complemented without these selfies! You can capture every moment (even the most breathtaking ones!). Just a few camera clicks then go pile these photos up along with your collection of memories; may it be on Facebook, any social media account or just for a personal file. And to take that perfect selfie, you need the best lighting. The sunlight’s absolutely the best natural lighting! But, what about at night? That is a major selfie dilemma!

Well, you can just go stroll, look for a good lighting, under the lamp post maybe, and try to take some photos. But, you know it would all just end in a blurred shot. What if you could have the perfect lighting with you anywhere and any time of the day? What if you could just have it right on your pocket, on your phone? You absolutely can! The FURPER LED Case is something you’re looking for!

The Furper LED Case is an IPhone case that is equipped with LED lights that provide sufficient and balanced lighting for you to take that perfect selfie any time of the day. This LED case handles all your lighting worries when you make FaceTime calls, or even when you put your makeup on and of course, when you take a selfie.


This sure is a great buy. We’ve jotted down the reasons why this should be the next in your shopping list!


It is indeed one of the coolest, most unique and most innovative iPhone cases ever! It also comes with different colors in an elegant and sleek design.


Yes, it is portable! Since you can just attach it onto your phone, you can bring your very own perfect selfie lighting anytime, anywhere!


The lights are all natural LED bars which guarantee even and very bright lighting. You cannot always have the sun’s natural light, but you can always have the Furper LED light phone case anytime.


The Furper LED case is built with soft thermoplastic polyurethane material – a durable and sturdy material that is designed to last for long. It keeps the case protected and secured.


You can always have the best and perfect selfies right on the perfect spot!


Just like with any ordinary cases, you just have to put your phone into the phone case. To make the LED light function, follow these steps:

  1. The ON and OFF button is indicated. You can just turn it ON whenever you use it and OFF when you don’t.
  2. LED light blinking: Continuous TWO times. Short button pressing.
  3. LED Light adjustable dimmer: Hold down the button to dim or brighten the light.


The LED light mainly targets its purpose as a perfect selfie light but it does not stick only with that. It can be used in many ways. When you do some video calls, when you need a guiding light while looking for something, or maybe when you’re reading at night, you can do all these with the Furper LED case.


Yes indeed. No more photos in poor exposure and blurry. Every photo is a piece of perfect moment.

For more info, you can check their official website and official Facebook page.


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