I know it is sometimes inconvenient or merely irritating to hold your flashlight with one hand while the other tries to be functional by itself. You can’t just move your hands freely! Good thing, somebody came up with ONE80 Light.

Well, what is ONE80 Light by the way?

ONE80 Light is a reinvented headlamp to light your way wherever you go; the perfect travel buddy when you venture out in the woods, go trekking or just be out in the middle of the night or underneath the wide starry skies. ONE80 Light could be one of your travel essentials. I guess, it should be. It serves a double purpose – as a halo lamp or a trek belt lamp. It is actually a versatile light which you can use on many different things.



This creative invention came out from an incredible teamwork of eight great minds.


There they are! From a draft idea to marketing, they’ve definitely made such a great team!

ONE80 Light is an original and innovative invention that travelers and adventurers would definitely love. It fits just right on your active lifestyle. Just what they say, ONE80 Light is always adventure ready! Yes, you can bring it anytime and anywhere you want! With its 8 amazing features, you would agree that it is incredibly creative, economical and useful.


“Revolutionary head and belt lamps. Full peripheral vision. Simulates daylight – eliminates tunnel vision. For the active lifestyle.”

Let us check these features out!



From its name ONE80, this lamp provides 180-degree illumination which does not limit with only tunnel vision, like what traditional headlamps do. You don’t have to turn your head left or right or in different ways just to see what’s here or there. With the 180-degree illumination, you would just have to look effortlessly wherever you want and only with your eyes.

220 LEDS


It is unlike any other usual headlamps which do have 1 or 2 LEDs. ONE80 Light has 20 LEDs that allow you to maintain your peripheral vision.


You need not to worry when lights go off and on or how the light shakes because of your body movements whenever you go jogging or trekking, ONE80 Light’s steady illumination keeps the light on your way.


The product is also not as complicated as some of you might think it is. The batteries could easily be replaced. You just have to pull it out from the band and replace it with another battery whenever you need to. The headband is also washable. You just have to take the illumination band, batteries and machine out of the headband, then you can wash it.


ONE80 Light is just so economical! You don’t need to buy a pack with full of backup batteries. One or two will do because you can always use them anytime and have them recharged once used. Yes, these batteries are rechargeable!


It’s not as stiff as the usual headband. It is flexible. So you need not to worry if you sat on it. With its flexibility, it gives a good fit on your waist or head.


For a headlamp, you would probably opt to something that would not be as heavy as like carrying an uncomfortable piece on your body. It is so lightweight that you feel like you’re not wearing it.



Last but not the least, one of its best features is constant power. The usual flashlights or headlamps dim as soon as you turn them on. But with ONE80 Light, its lithium battery pack gives a constant power, a constant illumination. It assures you that every bit of its energy and power are all put to excellent consumption.

Want to see more about this product? Watch the video below.


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