Working with an empty stomach is a big NO!

You might agree that taking on a task with an empty stomach would end up to bad results – indistinct focus and inefficient performance. No doubt these enormous companies have invested so much for sumptuous cafeterias to satisfy their workers!

Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Pixar, Dropbox and Microsoft are some of the world’s biggest companies who have got a lot of work to do! They do need some great great source of energy – food! Well, great food goes well with relaxing and comfortable ambiance. A peek to these cafeterias reveals how these big companies desire to make their workers comfortable, satisfied and well-fed.

Indulge to some of the most appetizing dishes, Spacious and cozy ambiance of the incredible cafeterias of the world’s biggest companies!

Want to see how these lovely cafeterias look like? Let’s sneak into these food havens!






Google provides a spacious cafeteria for their staff. Designed with exquisite and beautiful interiors, workers would definitely enjoy dining and at the same time ponder and meditate for their next projects. The company ensures that the staff will be well-fed so that they could always be productive in any way. Who wouldn’t enjoy their food when it’s for free? Yes, Google’s cafeteria serves free food for their staff!



Yahoo brings its signature color even in their cafeteria! Look how lovely those purple chairs alongside the simple structure and interiors. Much like any other cafeteria, Yahoo also serves different delicious dishes to choose from! However, unlike Google, their food is not for free.


slide_408400_5121224_freeslide_408400_5121230_freeFounder Mark Zuckerberg surely knows how to take good care of his workers’ health with these sumptuous dishes in their very own cafeteria. They do have a huge variety of food and what’s good with it, chefs sometimes cook a specific dish like Filipino or Greek food so that they can miss a little less their own food back home. How sweet!


Workers can definitely think and ponder before working on with their tasks. Just look how cozy the ambiance in their cafeteria! The food is also free for the staff and you won’t get lost where you pick your favorites with their cute and creative banners!


Pixar, of course, will always have a touch of creativity on everything. Their cafeteria says it all! From the Monsters University flags to colored eggs and to a colorful display of their favorite characters, you can tell you’re at Pixar’s. They serve salmon, burgers, pastas, burritos, pizzas, many kinds of desserts and a lot more.


Okay. So you might have already seen how delicious and scrumptious their food at Dropbox’s cafeteria. It sure looks like some dishes at a five-star restaurant. No doubt because some of their chefs used to work at the finest restaurants!


What’s incredible with Microsoft’s cafeteria, Cafe 16, though not free, they are at their lowest prices. You can have a steak with quinoa at $6.50 or a pizza at $5. Every dish is mouthwatering and it won’t be that easy where you’d go at what you’d eat! You would see a salad bar, a coffe shop,  a burger shop, chef’s table, sodas, desserts, and a lot more!


You might also be wondering what these Apple workers eat to come up with the next phone series. Of course, they do need some boosters for their brain! And they get most of it from their very own cafeteria – French toast with starawberries, burgers, salads, pastas, steaks and many more dishes at a low cost! French toast with strawberries is only $4, oysters are only for a dollar each and big breakfast scrambled egg, cheese, bacon and potatoes at $3.75! Not bad!