Old and used items usually get stacked in the garage or the attic until they get dusty, rusty, broken and so useless; definitely no use and you just have to throw them away eventually. Such a waste then. But, surprisingly, these don’t need to go on waste when you can actually create something out of it that’s creative and innovative.

Just like the old wine bottles, you sometimes opt to keep them as souvenirs or part of a collection. Just how much you can’t resist its luxurious taste and so throwing these old bottles away. Would’ve been devastating to let them break into pieces! Unless you’re fond of wines, these bottles might just end up in trash. But, hey! Don’t! Hold those old wine bottles right there! If you run out of ideas of recycling your old wine bottles (aside from stacking them!), you might consider these creative old wine bottle designs as part of your home interior luxury. Let’s check them out!



This will be your usual center table no more. With their elongated necks, their common features, these old wine bottles will serve as support and stand of your center table. As seen in the photo, you can add some color with it – plants and flowers!


Rip off the labels and paint the old wine bottles with paint that compliments your wall or interiors. And yes, one of the best ways of preserving your favorite wine bottles is keeping them as part of your beloved home.


This creative way of recycling old wine bottles is just genius! A bottle cutter can be used to carefully cut these bottles and reuse them as drinking glasses. To keep the mouth of the glass safe from all the possible sharp edges, a sandpaper can be used. This idea is best for the old bottles, especially with those of your favorite wine labels.


For a romantic dinner lighting or just for a decorative garden, this idea might be just for you. Leave it hanging by a tree on an outdoor interior, this creative design leaves a beautiful and relaxing ambiance on your garden.


Old frosted wine bottles give off a different kind of lighting effect. Putting these old bottles together as one beautiful lighting piece, it definitely adds elegance to your interiors.


This very easy DIY design will absolutely bring out the crafty you! Paint these old bottles with a white paint or any color. A variety of colors would be better. Take pages from an old book and make cutouts of whatever designs you prefer and glue them on the bottles! And that’s just it. These can be placed on your center tables or on your dining table.


Lighting display could be really one of the usual concepts for recycling old wine bottles. However, though this modern and unique style have probably been seen in restaurants, this idea can also be applied on your very own home – perfect for dining and kitchen areas or maybe to your own mini wine bar.


For elegant-looking candle holders, in contrast of those white candles, you can spray your old wine bottles black or silver. Maybe for a romantic dinner night or another unique decorative garden display, as the candles get used up, it drizzles all over the bottle which compliments very well with the black paint.


Got hundreds of old wine bottles stored at home? Instead of letting them all piled up in your storage, this next concept might be the best of use for your old wine bottles! Stacking them on the corridor or hallway of your garden or around the flower boxes to give a a little twist to your usual fence.


With the use of a bottle cutter, you can make a flower pot out of these old wine bottles. Just carefully cut out a piece from it where you can place your plants. Hang them over the other plants in your garden or maybe place them inside your house by the living room or the kitchen.


This display is surely one of the artistic crafts you can make out of these old wine bottles. If you’re one of those who are into arts and crafts, you can definitely try this idea. Taking all those labels out from the bottles and stack them on metal twigs to form like a tree. The bottle tree abstract display is best placed outdoors, especially in the garden.


From candle holders to ceiling lamps and to hanging garden lanterns. Each wine bottle has its own shade and with those mini candles inside, it gives off a different shade of light. Aren’t they lovely?


This could be one of the simplest crafts for old wine bottles. With the use of yarn, you can just wrap it around the bottle while gluing it as you go from the top to the bottom. Could be done with more bottles, and these beautiful pieces could be part of your home interiors or maybe a rustic style wedding.


To add a little twist to your modern dining set, better use these old wine bottles as your dining lights. Just how appetizing these wines are in every special occasion, and so they will be for your eyes because of these lavish-looking old wine bottles. They will definitely add glamour to your dining set.


Flower vases maybe the easiest way of recycling these old wine bottles. Well, no need to get on to further details on how to do it, simply pour in those empty bottles with water and put in your favorite flowers – the colorful ones would be just so perfect. Lovely!


Another creative design with old wine bottles is recycling them as lamps or bedside table lamps. With this unique bedside lamps, you may never get to turn them off!

Which of these designs would you like to try?

All the images are sourced out from Architecture and Design and DIY All Women Stalk.

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