9GAG, the fun-filled social platform that offers a regular dose of content and media to around 80 million visitors (monthly) is a Hong Kong based company. Here are 15 cool pictures of the 9GAG office housed in Tsuen Wan District, Hong Kong.

The designing work undertaken by LAAB Architects had been executed with sass and style. With an area as large as 5000 square feet, the space which was originally an ordinary warehouse has been transformed into an unbelievable workspace. The office is located at one of the top floors in an industrial skyscraper and it is lit up during the day time with natural light.

With the typical 9GAG black and white backdrop, LAAB Architects decided to keep the raw industrial shell intact and it absolutely adds a different flavour to the workspace. The three major areas that form the base of the office are:

‘9PARK’: With an undefined space, it is an open area for carrying out numerous activities including meetings, camping, events etc.

‘9DESKS’: This part refers to the wide white desks for project teams to discuss and share work related matters.

‘9SHEDS’: Adjacent to the desk area, the 9SHEDS are enclosed meeting areas designed for various types of meetings and for carrying out workshops.

Have a look at the office pictures.

1Because black and white

2Work with sass

3Time to chill

4The individual cabins

5The Discussion Area

6Having a chat

7Working in isolation

8One cool corner

9The glass front offices

10Creative think-tank

11The meeting space

12Some serious stuff

13Discussions and deals

14One to one

15Because categories and genres

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