It is tough to leave your old house and move into a new one but when the new one has got this level of swag, you ought to live in style. Hrithik Roshan has got his new home designed by Ashiesh Shah and you have got to see the class and style it carries.

Shah is renowned for his interior designing skills and his recent work that includes Katrina Kaif’s Bandra home turned out to be an inspiration for Duggu. With ample space for his kids and himself, the new home is a perfect blend of style, comfort as well as class. Your heart will melt when you will get to see pictures of the very hot Hrithik Roshan posing in several areas of his new home.

There’s everything in the house that makes it fit for a family to live happily and Hrithik being a single dad is sure to keep his kids happy as hell. Watch out for the pictures you have been waiting for.

Stylish and elegant, this new home is a dream house for one and all.

1The living area

2Dine in style

3Sway in swag

4The lounge

5Deadly decor

6Project movies on this wall

7A piece of art

8For the kids

9Rest and relax

10Hanging on the hammock

11Mirror mirror on the wall

12The office area

13Time to play

14Enjoy the sea view

15The classy chessboard