Auroville, a region of Global Unity, is located mostly in Tamil Nadu and a bit in Pondicherry. A heritage to people from all parts of the world with different caste, creed, color, religion, Auroville is an international township and a project important for international unity flourishing with its culture and art. Out of the total population, 1/3rd are Indians.

The place consists of a studio which produces quasi-traditional art, retained by Jocelyn, an author of the book ‘Aesthetics of Yoga’. This studio is always brimmed with the artist from South and North America, Asia and Europe who come together to offer human unity a twist of change. People here are taught about the origin and art with South Indian techniques and are constantly visited by artists from and outside India offering a suitable platform for creation and creators.

Let discuss the key considerations about Auroville

1We get to Realize human unity here

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The place is designed, keeping in mind the idea of universal unity where all men and women of different caste, creed, religion, and color live together with harmony setting up an example of a united nation. The people here are above all political and national activities.

2It’s a place that largely has contribution to Indian renaissance

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The place contributes in the progress of humanity towards its magnificent future by bringing together masses of goodness and desire for a better world.

3Belongs to nobody but everybody

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If one needs to live in Auroville, one has to believe in the concept of equality and be free from the concept of discrimination.

4Religion free concept

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The people of Auroville believe in the service of humanity and truth and are free from the concept of caste, creed, color, religion etc and live united.

5Politics free concept

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There is no hierarchical order but the assembly controls all the affairs. The members of the assembly are from all religion, caste and color.

6Money free concept

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Auroville has a concept of exchange only with the outside world. There is no exchange of money within the place.

7Helps you accomplish Self reliance

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Auroville has archival facilities, an auditorium 40-odd industries, research institutions, restaurants, farms, guesthouses etc! It also consists of the large amount of computer sets with the Internet connection.

8Allows you to follow the concept of equality

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The people of Auroville follow the concept of equality. No human is small or big. There is no discrimination on the basis of work. Every one is equal.

9Happy and peaceful environment

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The people as well as the visitors enjoy the tranquility of the alluring environment. Once you visit this place, you will never wish to come back.

10It’s a place equipped with skills and talents

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The art studio of Auroville is always brimmed with the talented artists from different parts of the world.